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Adriana loves WENHUA DUVERGÉ !

The charming Adriana makes her way in the forest and dresses with WENHUA DUVERGÉ.

Sweater coat in organic cotton and ECO merino wool https://www.wenhuaduverge.com/en/coats/82-coat.html




This week we are featuring one of our favorite boutiques, Wenhua Duvergé. Located in Paris, France, they specialize in eco-chic clothing- clothing that's both stylish and eco-friendly! Check out the video below to learn more about this unique boutique.

Shop their e-store here: http://shoptiq.it/2sKAMMU


By Letty

Wenhua Duvergé

I am really happy to have met this brand. Their clothes are made of organic cotton. It is felt when wearing it, it is not a textile that is found in H & M. To confirm all that, just look at the label. What many people do not do and prefer this proud to the price of the garment. Their collection is really nice going through basic pieces and going to pieces a little more chic. I chose a simple basic sweater so that it is easy to wear with any outfit. It costs 173 euros, but it is well worth the price. I received it very quickly, in the week that I send it. I took my size and it suits me very well.


3 ways you can buy local fashion online


3 ways you can buy local fashion online


Online shopping platform Shoptiques (shoptiques.com) – which was developed at the same tech incubator as Airbnb and Dropbox – culls merch from indie bricks-and-mortar shops (like Wenhua Duvergé in Paris and Kalloné Intimi on Queen Street West in Toronto) in the world’s coolest neighbourhoods.

Handifashion 2016 dans Télématin sur France 2/

Handifashion 2016 dans Télématin sur France 2

Handifashion 2016 in Telematin on France 2

WENHUA DUVERGÉ dressed Handifashion's super-girls in ten Eco Looks with their beautiful natural colors during the Handifasion show on October 15, 2016.


Photoshoot #5 Wenhua Duvergé éco X Synckop

Photoshoot #5 Wenhua Duvergé éco X Synckop

Artistic madness for this photographic session before a short break. For the first time we combine several techniques: illustration, photography, styling.

Wenhua Duvergé is a favorite. Our meeting took us beyond what we expected, a particular affinity developed to achieve the desired result. Its clothes are of a rare quality, with the design both simple and elegant and 100% ecological. Organic cotton, ecological merino wool or biodegradable buttons made from corn are the materials used in the manufacture of its products.
To pursue our desire to create we have appealed to one of our good knowledge. Synckop is a talented graphic designer. He already has a multitude of artistic collaborations to his credit (Warner music France, Kulte, We Love Art, Deafheaven, The Melvins).


These women who make things happen


These women who make things happen

... These green bloggers are called Coline du blog And Why Not Coline, or Victoria de Mango and Salt. Both of them grew up with the idea of ​​caring for themselves. Because they were tired of food additives, synthetic sugars and other bad things for the body, they preferred to turn to products from organic farming and even why not vegan, gluten free and consort. A new way to consume that has rubbed off on their dress habits. Victoria offers its readers selections of eco-friendly brands, including the Kami Organic brand. Cannon jeans that do good to the Planet? Why deprive yourself when you can kill two birds with one stone?

This is precisely the idea of ​​Wenhua Duverge. Stylist, Buddhist, vegetarian and eco-friendly, she created her brand a year ago, after working for different brands. Made from noble materials such as cotton grown without pesticides and ecological merino wool, Wenhua creates elegant and timeless designs in the very logic of slow fashion. Consuming less but consuming better, that's all the thought of these new generation brands.


Wenhua Duvergé la styliste écolo chic

Does clothing of exceptional quality, where design is both simple and stylish, 100% ecological seems impossible? Yet this is what Wenhua Duvergé offers in her pretty 17th arrdt. shop.
in her pretty 17th arrdt. shop. A revolution for our wardrobe! 

It is a haven of peace that is discovered through the door of the charming Wenhua’s store. In business for over 20 years, the Chinese designer gained experience in her home country before settling in France about ten years ago.

WENHUA DUVERGE boutique femme paris

Having worked for various brands, Wenhua has launched her own brand less than a year ago. “Green” inveterate vegetarian and Buddhist, the designer wanted to "share the ecological concept with people," she says. Wenhua's creations emerge from the traditional Chinese culture and are inspired by the Yin-Yang philosophy. They are easy to wear, stylish, and most of all, manufactured with advanced ecological processes.

wenhua duverge boutique paris

The designer has also developed the concept of "slow fashion". « The idea is indeed create timeless designs, produce less but with exceptional quality," she says. Organic cotton, Eco merino wool or biodegradable buttons made from corn, all materials are of produce less but with exceptional quality," she says. Organic cotton, Eco merino wool or biodegradable buttons made from corn, all materials are of  outstanding quality and very comfortable.

Organic cotton is soft as silk, Eco merino wool does not itch. We'll be amazed! urrounded by zen and natural vibes - Plants grow out of the walls - We'll peacefully choose among the divinely chic and simple designs! 

We then realize that wearing clothes made by the sweet Wenhua Duvergé is  as good for us than for the planet.  We can only be conquered!



10. Wenhua Duvergé, 126 €. Vegan, sustainable and ethical.

This sweatshirt, I have been trying it directly in the shop in the 17th and it is a real garment doudou, the kind that you never want to remove so much it is warm and soft. Hyper-friendly, it is made of organic cotton and recycled polyester.


Verdict: I love them all and I could wear them all on different occasions. The ones that would work best in my wardrobe are Wanted Gina (7), MyBoobsBuddy (9) and Wenhua Duvergé (10). But the "David Boobie" reminds me of someone I love so I'll lean for that one! <3



Merci au mini éclair au chocolat d’exister ! Grâce à vous, j’ai pu rencontrer la femme écolo-chic du moment : Wenhua Duvergé. Cette styliste Chinoise engagée, a créé la marque qui porte son nom, en 2014. Une collection à base de coton bio organic ou de matières recyclées. Sa ligne stylisée est extrêmement agréable à porter. Le pari, de présenter une collection Écolo-Chic avec du style est réussi ! Sa première boutique a ouvert en septembre 2015, à Paris 17ème. Son eshop, en Novembre. Mise en lumière d’une créatrice de mode écoresponsable.

Je passe devant la seule boutique, rue Legendre, ouverte un dimanche pour un vernissage. Curieuse, je regarde la vitrine. L’inscription écolo-chic m’interpelle et le fameux mini éclair au chocolat se pointe devant mon nez ! Impossible de résister à l’appel du chocolat ! Quelle bonne idée, Laurent Duvergé (le mari de Wenhua) a eue, en m’offrant cette délicieuse mignardise ! Il me propose d’entrer dans la boutique et de découvrir la collection bio organic. Très vite de belles couleurs sautent à mes yeux. Je suis attirée par les coupes oversizes pour les hauts, sport/chic pour les bas ! La qualité est excellente au toucher. Je m’entretiens quelques minutes avec Wenhua. Très souriante et accueillante, nous convenons de nous rencontrer prochainement pour l’interviewer et qu’elle me présente son projet.

Bojour Wenhua, pouvez-vous, vous présenter en quelques mots ?

Je suis chinoise. J’adore dessiner depuis petite. En Chine, j’ai suivi des cours de mode, stylisme, modélisme, à l’Université. Puis j’ai travaillé pendant 5 ans, en tant que responsable de style, pour un grand groupe d’import-export. J’avais besoin de progresser, d’apprendre d’autres choses, ailleurs. J’ai décidé de partir à Paris. Bien-sûr, je ne parlais pas un mot de français en arrivant, en 2002. J’ai alors pris des cours à l’Alliance française. J’ai choisi ESMOD car c’est l’école parfaite pour le stylisme et le prêt à porter.  Après deux ans de formation, j’ai obtenu mon diplôme de stylisme/modélisme. Ce qui m’a permis de travailler pendant plus de 15 ans pour différentes marques françaises, en tant que styl iste.

En 2014, j’ai décidé de créer ma marque. Il m’a fallu un an pour définir clairement mon concept, dessiner et réaliser la première collection.

Comment avez-vous eu l’idée de créer votre marque écolo-chic ? 

L’inspiration pour Wenhua Duvergé, vient du mélange East and West entre mon prénom chinois et mon nom de famille français. Il symbolise qui je suis aujourd’hui.

Pour le positionnement, de ma marque, j’ai été influencée par le bouddha et mon mari ! (Rires).

Pendant ces dernières années, j’ai fait l’apprentissage du bouddhisme. L’équilibre entre la nature, l’humain et le respect des animaux. Cet enseignement a fait sens.  Depuis petite, j’adorais la viande. Mais les enseignements bouddhistes, nous apprennent que les animaux ont de la colère quand ils sont tués. Cela a été une révélation pour moi. Et j’ai choisi de changer de mode de vie. Je suis devenue végétarienne. Dans notre vie avec mon mari, tout est naturellement écologique. Depuis son master en écologie recyclée, il m’influence dans notre quotidien. Le tri, le composte, l’économie d’eau..

L’objectif de cette marque, est de partager avec les clients, l’esprit et le concept écologique. Je vois qu’il y a de plus en plus de personnes comme moi. A la recherche d’une équité entre le respect de l’environnement et la consommation. Par exemple ce matin, une cliente n’a pas voulu d’emballage après ses achats. Elle a utilisé naturellement un sac en tissu personnel.